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IS 2002 GR. 1 / GR. 2

Boiler Quality steel is used in areas where there is likely to be a high degree of Boiler Quality or Boiler Quality of the steel plate. Typical applications are in truck beds, attachments to diggers and earth movers and in processing applications in the mining industry. 

The key quality for Boiler Quality steels is their hardness. We sell Boiler Quality plate according to its hardness measured on the Brinnell Hardness Test - usually in 400HB and 500HB grades. If your specification is to the Rockwell Test we can also advise. 


Steels with a high HB rating (Brinell hardness) are intended for applications where Boiler Quality or Boiler Quality resistance is important. The benefit of using an Boiler Quality steel is that that the plant, machinery or constructions working life can be extended considerably. This can significantly improve the reliability, durability and safety of structures and equipment. It also helps to reduce the maintenance costs associated with Boiler Quality and breakdown of plant. 

400 HB steel is over 3 times harder than mild steel (120HB), but only a third as hard as stainless steel (1250HB). Example uses are for construction machinery, skips, bulldozers and excavators, buckets and conveyors. 

The steel is quenched which provides Boiler Quality resistance; in order to improve hardness it may also be tempered. Lower HB's generally provide good cold bending properties and good weld ability. Weld ability is not generally reduced as the hardness increases. 

Boiler Quality steels is not appropriate for use at temperatures over 2500C as the heat can cause changes to the material properties. 


Chemical & Mechanical Properties



Chemical Composition,%

Tensile Test

Designation C max. Si P max S max Tensile Strength Kgf/mm2 Yield Point Kgf/mm2,min. Elongation
Test Piece %, min
IS 2002-1 0.18 .010-0.35 0.40 0.40 37-45 55 5.65/So
IS 2002-2A 0.20 0.10-0.35 0.050 0.050 42-50 50 5.65/So
IS 2002-2b 0.22 0.10-0.35 0.050 0.050 52-62 50 5.65/So