Forged Fittings | Hallmark Metallica is one of the reputed exporters of Forged Fittings


Our firm is a prominent manufacture, trader and supplier of a wide range of Forged Fittings. These fittings offered by us are available in a wide collection like Stainless Steel Forged Fittings, Incoloy Forged Fittings , Inconel Forged Fittings and  Hastelloy Forged Fittings The product manufactured by us is made from high-grade raw material which is sourced from the reliable vendors in the market. The fittings offered by us are appreciated by our customers situated all over the nation and abroad.

Hallmark Metallica is one of the reputed exporters of Forged Pipe Fittings that are known for superior quality, high performance and zero defects. Suitable for various industrial usages, these Forged Pipe Fittings are widely used for durability, resistance to heat, and ability to withstand any amount of stress.


•    Follows international quality standards
•    Available in various specifications
•    Market leading prices.

Grades Offered:

•    ASTM B366. Grade Stainless steel 300 Series, Incoloy 800 , Incoloy 825 , Inconel 600 , Inconel 625 , Monel 400 , Monel 500 , Hastelloy C276 .


Forged Elbow

Pipe elbow fittings is a very important pipe fitting. When we talk about a pipe elbow, it means a length of pipe with a sharp bend in it. Pipe elbows are fitting accessories which are used widely in various industrial sectors in pipe fitting. A pipe elbow is frequently used in pressurized applications and are available in various shapes and sizes for use in different applications. A pipe elbow is a fitting installed between two lengths of pipe or tube allowing a change of direction, usually in the 900 or 450 direction.

Hallmark Metallica manufactures pipe fitting devices which are bent in such a way to produce some degree ( 90,45, 180 degree ) changes in the direction of flow of the content in the pipe. Elbows are manufactured to meet different specifications, in terms of size and diameter. Hallmark Metallica manufactures & supplies high quality elbows that can be used for various applications. Our elbows are tested and verified for durability, accuracy and precision.



•    Elbows in Long & Short Radius in 45 deg, 90 deg, 180 deg


Forged Tee

We offer a wide range of Steel Tee that are used among the bulk buyers and are used across various industries. These Tees come in different sizes, grades and classes making them the most sought after. We offer the fittings at the reasonable prices to our clients. Steel Tee is a T-shaped device having three outlets and is used for changing the direction of pipe runs. Steel Tee is used for branch connections in irrigation systems. Our Steel Tee is leak proof and can withstand high temperature and pressure making them feasible to be used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our Steel Tee is found in different temperature and pressure ratings.

Forged Reducer

Pipe reducers are special type of tube fittings that are commonly used in the demanding environments of chemical and power plants. They provide a highly reliable, sturdy and tight integral line system and these types of pipe fittings remain unaffected by shock, vibration or thermal distortion. These pipe fittings are very easy to install and they resist leakage due to thermal or pressure cycling. These reducers are sometimes chrome or nickel coated to prevent corrosion and increase the life of the product.


Forged End Caps

Pipe caps act as protective device and are designed to protect pipe ends of various shapes. The main purpose of using pipe caps is to waterproof the connections. They are also used to close the ends of hydraulic or pneumatic pipes and tubes. They are used in the plumbing apparatus of domestic, commercial and industrial water supply lines, machinery and processing equipment etc. They are also fitted on water pump lines with the sole purpose of removing air blocks. Pipe caps are highly demanded as an important category of pipe fittings.



Forged Stub Ends

Stub Ends are fittings used in place of welded flanges where rotating back up flanges are desired. They are also called Lap Joints and Vanstone Flared Laps. A rotating back up flange seats itself against the back surface of the Stub End. When bolts are added, the clamping action of the bolts presses the rotating back up flange against the back of the Stub End. The gasket surface of the Stub End then presses against a gasket and another gasket surface providing joints like standard flange joints. The seal is made by the gasket surface of the stub end alone, the flange only provides the clamping pressure on the joint.


Forged Pipe Nipples

A pipe nipple is a length of straight pipe with male threads on both ends. It is one of the most popular category of pipe fittings. It is a connector or a coupling threaded on both ends. Pipe nipples are used to allow plumbing to be connected to a water heater or other plumbing. They are used to fit straight end hose or pipe. A combination of pipe nipples are recommended for low-pressure discharge and suction service for various compatible liquids and not for compressible products like air, nitrogen or steam.



Forged Coupling

We offer Forged Couplings in form of a hollow cylinder having concentric circles in the inner diameter of the cylinder. These are designed and fabricated using qualitative grade of steel during the production processes. Our Steel Couplings are designed with greater precision and find wider applications in the industries like engineering, automotive, paper & print and many more. These Fittings are non corrosive and have high tensile strength and durability.


Forged Union

Forged Union that we offer can undertake a range of deep drawn components to meet our client's standards and requirements. These fittings have got different standards, grades, sizes and classes which make them popular among our bulk buyers. We offer the Forged union fittings at the reasonable prices to our clients.