Welcome to Hallmark Metallica

Hallmark Metallica. is a force to reckon with in the field of manufacturing and exporting premium quality Fittings, & Flanges in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel and Cupro Nickel and Low Temperature Services.
We are based in Mumbai (India), the company has scaled incredible heights in business owing to its innovative products. The company's productivity and clients base is always on an upward swing.

Why Us

Some of our specialities that make us a profitable business partner for our clients are:

Better Quality

Competative Price

Commited Delivery


Our Values

Hallmark People are:





Quality and cost conscious

Driven to deliver

Corporate Line of Ethics

Ground Line of our Company Motto

Customer Service

Keeping efficient and friendly customer service as the top concren, Veritas provides ultimate flexibility in fulfilling each & every customer requirement irrespective of the size of order. Most of our clients are doing bussiness with us since years, which indiactes higher levels of customer satisfaction. We always welcom any queries or suggesions from our clients to improve the services and hence to serve them better.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

We believe that commercial success and corporate responsibility should go hand-in-hand. We must therefore recognise and manage the impact of our business and its contribution to society. Responsible behaviour is not just the ethical way to act. For a service company like Afromidit makes good business sense.

Hallmark supports and respects the protection of internationally recognised human rights. We uphold and promote human rights within our sphere of influence as demonstrated in our Code of Business Conduct and our Group standards and policies.

Our Vision

We help customers develop their energy resources; bringing world class capability and delivering it locally. We promote commercial arrangements that are aligned to our customers’ needs, allowing us to deliver more value to the customer while increasing the returns from our most precious asset – our people.

Our Mission

Provide technically sound solutions and create additional value in mutual interest with our customers resulting in being a preferred manufacturer within the Fitting & Flanges sector.