Precision Metal Components

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Hallmark Metallica is a specialist in producing high precision-machined components, Precision metal component, Metal component, Steel component, Turned steel components, Pressed metal components, components for aerospace, Forged metal components, Cold headed components, Cold formed components, Industrial components, Screw machined components, Injection molded components, Bushings, Standoffs, Spacers, Bushing, Fittings, Connectors, Cold formed screws, Automotive components, Aerospace components, Textile components, Hydraulic components, Pneumatic components for a diverse range of industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Textile, Hydraulic and Pneumatic. Large and small Global companies are our valued customers.

The company runs a combination of Automats, Sliding Head Machines and CNC Machines ranging from 1mm to 40mm, fully supported by in-house tool planning facilities, secondary operation facilities and quality control systems

Automotive Applications

Aerospace Applications

Computer Peripherals

Hydraulic Applications

Automotive Applications

Pneumatic Applications

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